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  • Appeal against an upwards variation of periodical payments to the ex wife after she had received a capital sum in order to buy a house outright but had made unwise financial decisions which resulted in her having to pay rent. Appeal allowed. Judgment, 19/07/2018, free
  • Will be handed down on 18 July News, 12/07/2018, free
  • Application by a wife and mother for interim periodical payments in the context of proceedings under Part III of the 1984 Act after a high value foreign divorce where both parties had spent several hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees. Judgment, 21/05/2018, free
  • Appeal against an order requiring the husband to pay the wife £2,500 per month by way of interim periodical payments until further order and to pay directly to her solicitors, £3,000 per month by way of a legal fees allowance order. Appeal dismissed. Judgment, 18/05/2018, free
  • The issues in this financial provision case in which the husband was appealing were: 1) whether the judge had jurisdiction to make an order in respect of the children of the family; 2) whether the quantum of the periodical payments made in respect of the wife's income claims was fair in circumstances where the net effect of the judge's order left in the wife's hands the greater share of the husband's net disposable monthly income; and 3) whether the judge's departure from equality in terms of the capital division was fair in circumstances where the husband was left with a reduced share from which to meet his own future housing needs. The appeal was dismissed. Judgment, 14/12/2017, free

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  • In a tweet: Court entitled to base likely future income on historic pay Case note, 12/06/2017, members only
  • In a tweet: Variation of order where H could afford not to pay both the PPs and interest on loan to pay for W's new home Case note, 12/06/2017, members only
  • In a tweet: Unsuccessful permission to appeal where CoA urged a "holistic" approach to the evidence Case note, 10/05/2017, members only
  • In a tweet: Determination of ownership of rights under an annuity contract Case note, 02/02/2017, members only
  • In a tweet: W's failure to follow the formalities set out in the FPR 2010 for seeking an extension of the term of a periodical payments order was not fatal to her case Case note, 15/09/2016, members only

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