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Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority [1986] AC 112

Judgment, published: 31/12/1986

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  • Mother's appeal against an order refusing her to relocate to New York with the 2 children (one of which by the date of this judgment was 16 and the 'no order' principle, that the court should not have been making or continuing orders about young persons over 16 other than in exceptional circumstances, applied). The appeal was dismissed. Judgment, 18/12/2015, free
  • Appeal by father against order refusing direct contact and imposing a s91(14) order. Appeal dismissed. Black LJ, giving the lead judgment notes, at [61] that "Sometimes, family cases present problems that regrettably the courts cannot solve despite all their endeavours and this is one such case." Judgment, 23/04/2015, free
  • Appeals against three orders in international child case including an appeal against an 18 month sentence for contempt. The contempt order was overturned largely because the judge making it had failed to deal adequately with the father's application for her to recuse herself. Kitchin LJ notes that "In circumstances such as these, where a judge is steeped in ongoing contested wardship proceedings, it seems to me that it will often be a better course, and it will certainly be a safer one, for another judge to hear any committal proceedings." Judgment, 15/07/2014, free
  • The 4 children and M were Spanish nationals, F was English. M took the children back to Spain. After a few months they came back to the UK with F who did not return them to Spain. An order was made for their return which was resisted especially by the older child. The order in her case was overturned but the case of the other 3 children was remitted to the High Court. Discussion of the joinder of the children as parties. Judgment, 03/10/2013, free
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  • Father's application to remove the children permanently to Switzerland was granted in proceedings which had already cost nearly £1m. Judgment, 11/10/2017, free

Published: 31/12/1986


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