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  • Powers made under the 2008 Act News, 29/11/2018, free
  • The court found that the sister of the husband and the company which she controlled were in contempt for failing to comply with an order for disclosure. Judgment, 02/11/2018, free
  • In force from 19 October News, 22/10/2018, free
  • In brief: A successful application by a wife (“W”) for a judgment summons against her ex-husband (“H”). Having failed to pay the spousal maintenance ordered, arrears of £55,000 had accrued (by the time of the hearing, they had risen to £87,000). The court was satisfied that H has, or had had, the means to pay the maintenance but had instead prioritised other expenditure (including over £72,000 on two weddings to his new wife) and in doing so had deliberately and wilfully refused or neglected to pay the sum owed to W. Judgment, 02/10/2018, free
  • Application by wife for a Hadkinson order preventing the husband from pursuing an appeal that is awaiting determination on the basis that he is in contempt of court for having failed to comply with orders for maintenance pending suit, costs and a legal services payment order. Application granted. Judgment, 01/10/2018, free

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  • Tim Scott QC of 29 Bedford Row tries to make sense of what might happen to international family cases after 29th March next year and reviews a few recent key international finance cases. Recorded September 2018. Webcast, 07/10/2018, members only
  • Alexis Campbell QC and Charlotte Trace, of 29 Bedford Row, review the key financial remedy cases and themes from the past 12 months and look at how they will affect judicial thinking and your own cases in the year to come. Webcast, 16/03/2018, members only
  • 10 questions on the various cases summarised in the July 2017 Family Law Hub Digest CPD course, 25/08/2017, members only
  • 6 questions to accompany the webinar which was recorded on 21 January 2014. CPD course, 23/01/2014, members only
  • Webinar broadcast on 21 January 2014 presented by Amber Sheridan and Petra Teacher of 29 Bedford Row Webcast, 21/01/2014, registration required

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