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Children Act 1989, Sch1

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  • In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak (‘Covid-19’), there has been little guidance as to what social workers should do when they are refused entry into the home of a child in care (or ‘looked after child’), due to the parent’s arguments that they are self-isolating or claiming that they have contracted the virus. There is a real risk that families may be using Covid-19 as an excuse to avoid contact with the Local Authority and therefore, places any children involved at risk of further abuse. News, 03/04/2020, free
  • In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak (‘Covid-19’), there has been little guidance as to whether Local Authorities have the ability to suspend contact between a child in their care and parties who have a right to contact with that child, either by parental responsibility or by a Court order. News, 03/04/2020, free
  • Husband's appeal against the refusal of a stay of the wife's applications under ToLATA in respect of the parties' former matrimonial home, and under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 for a school fees order and child maintenance, was dismissed. Judgment, 13/11/2018, free
  • The father's application to discharge an order for periodical payments in respect of the child was allowed as the child now lived with the father in Canada. However, the judge made an order that the mother should be provided with funds to buy a house in England so that the child could visit, albeit the sum was far lower than that which had been previously ordered when the child lived with her. Judgment, 02/08/2018, free
  • An interim order for child maintenance was made as well as an order for costs in favour of the mother in circumstances where the father, despite his vast wealth, had defied various orders and was resisting making payments towards the children's upkeep. Judgment, 03/07/2018, free

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  • In a tweet: Payment of an enforcement fund was ordered where the court anticipated F would not comply with Schedule 1 orders Case note, 06/08/2018, members only
  • In a tweet: “Capitalised” child maintenance ordered in Schedule 1 proceedings Case note, 06/08/2018, members only
  • Standard family order as approved by the President 30 November 2017 Order, 19/01/2018, members only
  • In a tweet: Mostyn J calls for re-introduction of “assets” ground for varying CM calculation Case note, 29/09/2017, free
  • In a tweet: Immediate absolute charging order made to enforce Schedule 1 capital award Case note, 12/06/2017, members only

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  • Alexis Campbell QC and Charlotte Trace, of 29 Bedford Row, review the key financial remedy cases and themes from the past 12 months and look at how they will affect judicial thinking and your own cases in the year to come. Webcast, 16/03/2018, members only
  • In this webcast, which was first presented on 18 June 2015, Richard Tambling from 29 Bedford Row talks about Schedule 1 cases and the most recent developments in this area of law Webcast, 31/07/2015, members only
  • Webcast recorded on 22 January at 1pm. Lysney Cade-Davies and Petra Teacher of 29 Bedford Row review some of the leading cases of 2014 and highlight the lessons for the year ahead. Webcast, 22/01/2015, members only
  • Webcast, 26/07/2012, members only


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