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  • The parties lived together for about 20 years before separating, and had five children together, but never married. This was an application from the female partner for an order that the male partner be sanctioned for multiple breaches of a freezing order. He in turn argued that any breach of the freezing order was inadvertent. It was accepted by both parties that the relevant account was left depleted by the sum of £13,015.94. Cobb J found that the male partner's narrative was "simply implausible", and his explanations "contrived and disingenuous". He had treated the account as his personal account. He had breached the freezing order, and the breaches had been knowing and deliberate. Sanctions would be decided at a subsequent hearing. Judgment, 26/05/2020, free
  • The hearing concerned applications: for costs, for a general civil restraint order, and for an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 against “an exceptionally vexatious litigant”. News, 14/11/2019, free
  • A freezing order on a property was due to be reconsidered. It had been made in favour of Mrs Chaudhri following default in the payment of a lump sum. Mostyn J found that the applicant had twice failed to pursue her claim in relation to the property, and it would be a manifest abuse were a claim now to be allowed to be mounted and protected by a freezing injunction. The freezing order on the property was discharged, but the worldwide freezing order made earlier would remain in force and be transferred to the Family Court. Any further applications for freezing relief should be made to the same Family Court and heard only at High Court judge level. Judgment, 31/05/2019, free
  • The father's applications in relation to contact with his daughters were dismissed and an extended civil restraint order was imposed on him. Judgment, 28/11/2018, free
  • In a tweet: Damages and injunctions in deceit, harassment and privacy breach claims Judgment, 11/04/2018, free

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  • In a tweet: Damages and injunctions in deceit, harassment and privacy breach claims Case note, 11/04/2018, members only
  • In a tweet: FC guidance on types of freezing injunction application that should be heard by HCJ sitting in FC Case note, 04/08/2017, members only
  • In a tweet: HC refuses W's application for interim relief in support of overseas proceedings Case note, 14/09/2016, members only
  • Here, a wife ("W") unsuccessfully argued that a world-wide freezing injunction against her should be discharged on the grounds of material non-disclosure. Case note, 24/06/2015, members only
  • In these Schedule 1 proceedings, mother wanted to be able to disclose to the Police and/or to the Crown Prosecution Service and the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] the fact that the father lied in statements and on oath in these proceedings. Case note, 29/04/2014, free

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