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  • The court concluded that the child was not of sufficient understanding to conduct an appeal, in relation to who she lived with, without a children's Guardian. Judgment, 19/03/2019, free
  • Mother's appeal against the dismissal of her application to remove the child permanently to Africa was allowed on the ground that the judge had failed to undertake an holistic evaluation if the mother was deported. Judgment, 30/01/2019, free
  • The judge was entitled to say that this was an appropriate case for a shared residence order and that the mother should move from the North East to the South East such that shared care could work. Judgment, 14/12/2018, free
  • Father's appeal against orders to facilitate the return of his 15 year old daughter from Thailand back to the UK was refused on the basis that concerns relating to her estrangement from her mother, her apparent lack of education and the lack of any clarity about her living circumstances had not been alleviated. Judgment, 19/09/2018, free
  • In brief: The mother (“M”) had applied for a residence order for her son in February 2014 after the father (“F”) took the child to Chechnya. Based mainly on a positive report on the father by the local childcare authority, the district court dismissed M’s residence order application and granted one in favour of F, although he had not requested it. M’s subsequent appeals were unsuccessful. It was then revealed that the report prepared by the childcare authority included incorrect and incomplete information. Following F’s death in 2014, the child was returned to M in 2016. The ECtHR found that the domestic courts’ examination of the family’s circumstances had not been thorough enough, which had not allowed the best interests of the child to be established. Overall, there had been a violation of M’s rights under Article 8. Judgment, 15/05/2018, free

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  • Piers Pressdee QC of 29 Bedford Row reviews the major developments within the private children law field in the last year. He focusses on the case-law, identifying the key decisions and seeking to set that case-law within context. Webcast, 24/02/2016, members only
  • 6 questions on the webinar which was recorded on 14 January 2015 CPD course, 21/01/2015, members only
  • Webinar recorded on 15 January 2015. Dafydd Griffiths of 29 Bedford Row reviews the private children law cases of 2014 and picks out some themes to look out for in 2015. Webcast, 15/01/2015, members only
  • Training notes to accompany Piers Pressdee QC's webinar on Private Children Law, recorded on 15 October 2013 Training note, 24/10/2013, members only
  • 6 questions relating to a webinar by Piers Pressdee QC of 29 Bedford Row, recorded on 15 October 2013. This course, once successfully passed, will count towards 1.5 hours of accredited CPD. CPD course, 22/10/2013, members only

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